On Monday the National Green Tribunal slams authorities for holding India-Sri Lanka Test match at Delhi’s stadium during poor air quality. Delhi’s air quality has again turned hazardous after two weeks. As per the reports, officials have not taken any steps to control the situation. So, led to this NGT again pulled authorities for not taking any steps and holding India-Sri Lanka Test match during hazardous air quality of Delhi region. The teams at the field have seen wearing masks because of air pollution. As per the reports, this time air pollution is 18 times higher than the safe level.

As per the reports, poor air quality in Delhi forced players to leave the game because of vomit sensations. And Sri Lankans wearing anti-pollution masks on the field showed how much Delhi is highly suffering from bad air quality. It is shame for India as it’s been around one month since Delhi is intaking highly dense polluted air.

Today, NGT seeking the problem of players on the field yesterday, alleged Delhi Government for not filing the action plan and for not taking any steps against the air pollution in the capital Delhi. However, not India’s most favourite game Cricket has halted, but the childrens were also suffering because of the poor air quality. So, NGT asked the Delhi government to submit reports and plan by 6th December.

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