Delhi Fog: 13 trains cancelled because of low visibility, 4 rescheduled

Delhi Fog: 13 trains cancelled because of low visibility, 4 rescheduled

Delhi was once again covered in thick fog. It was markedly cold morning too, as the temperature dropped, which was surprising, since the weather had improved for quite a few days and people had been experiencing much warmer days. The sudden change in the weather caused the 21 trains to run late, 4 to be rescheduled and 13 cancelled because of the low visibility/operational reasons. There was also rise in the pollution levels, as, at the Delhi Airport, the air quantity was measured as PM 2.5 at 201 and PM 10 at 220. Int he beginning of the year, the rise in cold had caused schools to be shut down, and the fog’s density had also increased, which made it difficult for people to navigate in traffic.

There had been reports from the Meteorological department that the weather would improve soon, and to an extent, it had gotten better, but the change has been abrupt. Delhi has also been experiencing a lot of issues with smog, which created a lot of controversy last year, and which is still continuing. There had been many attempts to curb the influence of the smog as it is hazardous for children, women and older people.

The Government had tried to implement the ODD-EVEN scheme, but the National Green Tribunal had interfered and asked for many changes that could actually affect the smog and control it. The levels of pollution in Delhi have been rising to hazardouos and there had been concerned discussion about the future of the city if the degradation of the environment was not controlled. Poeple were advised to remain at home during fog, or else wear a mask so that they wouldn’t be directly affected by the smog. Delhi Government has been criticized for its lack of judgement and failure to curb smog from many politicians and  media outlets.

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