Constant price rise burns Common Man’s pockets as LPG price increased to Rs. 48

Constant price rise burns Common Man’s pockets as LPG price increased to Rs. 48
Written by Aman Kumar Singh

The public hadn’t even recovered from the back-breaking price of petrol and diesel when another price rise is set to cause turmoil in their daily lives. The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or household cooking gas will now cost Rs. 2.34 more for the subsidised cylinder and Rs. 48 for the non-subsidised gas cylinders. And the commercial LPG cylinders will now cost Rs. 77 more than before. The price on LPG cylinders were increased on Friday, 1st June.

The new rates for the subsidised gas cylinder are Rs. 493.55 in Delhi, Rs. 496.65 in Kolkata, Rs. 491.31 in Mumbai and Rs.481.84 in Chennai.  And the increased prices for non-subsidised cylinder are Rs 698.50 in Delhi, Rs. 723.50 in Kolkata, Rs.671.50 in Mumbai and Rs. 712.50 in Chennai. The commercial LPG cylinder’s prices increased dramatically as they will now cost Rs. 1244.50.

While earlier the price of petrol and diesel were cut off by a negligible 7 paise and 5 paise respectively across country and at the same time the price of household gas cylinders witnessed the price rise, it is also to be noted that earlier on 30th May the price of petrol was cut by 1 paise. Following the price cut now petrol will cost Rs 78.29 per litre and diesel price has been revised to Rs 69.20 a litre in Delhi.

Earlier in May the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas had disproved reports of alleged hike in LPG price in recent months. In a statement, the ministry stated that there has rather been a fall of around Rs 100 in the retail selling price of non-subsidized price LPG price. But with today’s price hike on the LPG proved that the ministry’s statement was false.

In India every household is entitled to 12 LPG cylinders per year at a subsidised rate but when they cross their limit of 12 they will have to buy the gas cylinders at a non-subsidised rate, which means buying the gas cylinders on market prices.

Earlier PM Modi’s PMUY had provided 8 crore LPG connections to the public from its target of 5 crore. According to the data nearly 4 crore LPG connections have been given under the PMUY scheme so far and about 80 lakh of them were given in the past five months. But a sudden increase on the LPG’s price will prove difficult for the poor rural residents to avail the cylinder.

With the commercial LPG price increased now it will cost more to eat out in hotels and restaurants. Witnessing the price rise in the LPG gas connections it can be guessed that the common man’s problems are far from over.

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