Chennai Rains: Heavy Downpour disrupts daily life

Chennai Rains: Heavy Downpour disrupts daily life

Heavy Rains in Chennai have disrupted the daily lives of the residents, as the streets are now flooded with water and the government has had to close down schools and colleges. People are having difficulties in carrying out activities like crossing streets and going to places because the roads are clogged with traffic and they’re getting late. Nagapattinam, Kanchipuram have closed their schools because of worsening weather conditions. But Tamil Nadu chief Minister, Udhaya Kumar has now commented that the lakes are not yet overflowing, so they’re not over the danger limit and people should not take the fake rumors in consideration.

The authorities are now in motion to provide relief to the residents, but it seems that most people aren’t getting them. They’ve now posted photographs of areas that have been flooded with water, and are voicing their concern about the weather. The forecast has stated that the rains will be continuing for some days, which isn’t a relief for people at all, and might result in frustration over the incompetence of the government. Even though, this year, the floods have been better managed than previous time.

The only advice for people in this trying time is to remain calm and let the authorities handle the situation. The weather will continue to worsen but if people remain cautious and don’t go anywhere that’s dangerous, they’ll avoid being stranded in the flood.


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