BJP supporters bulldoze Lenin’s statue in Tripura

BJP supporters bulldoze Lenin’s statue in Tripura

A statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, popularly known as Lenin, that had been standing at the centre of College Square for the last five years, in the Belonia, Tripura, was torn down by BJP workers, who had been celebrating the party’s victory two days after the announcement of assembly election results. When the attack became public, the CPI(M) party which has faced faced defeat in the elections, claimed that the attack was an severe example of “communist phobia”, however, the winning party countered that the statue had been razed to the ground by people who’re “oppressed” under the rule of the communist government.

According to Tapas Datta, CPI(M)’s Belonia sub-division secretary, the statue wasn’t just bulldozed, its head was also dismembered from its body. The twitter account of the party wrote in the early morning, “Attacks in hashtag Tripura, are now being coordinated in a centralized way by BJP-IPFT leadership. Left got 45% vote. BJP-IPFT wants to use their newly acquired power to smash that support base thru physical attacks, torching of offices, intimidation & bullying. Hashtag Stand by Tripura Left.

The driver of the JCB, Ashish Pal, has been arrested by the police. The statue is styling lying on the ground where it had fallen, and is going to be taken away when for storage tomorrow. The statue had been put up in the place after the party had won the elections in 2013.


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