Bihar, Araria, 6 children dead in SUV accident

Bihar, Araria, 6 children dead in SUV accident

Six children were killed in an accident in Araria’s district of Bihar. The SUV that was carrying the children fell into a pond, and they drowned. One child from the group has been rescued. The photographs from the site of the accident show the SUV half submerged in the pond, which covered with green plants on the surface. The SUV looks severely damaged from the front side, so it can be gleaned that it suffered a lot of damage as it went down, and the children couldn’t get out in time to survive. The names of the children who died in the accident are, Uneet Kumar, Naina Kumari, Karan Kumar, Mithun Kumar, Ajay Kumar and Nitesh Rishidev. The bodies of the children have been sent to Sadar Hospital for post mortem, after which they’re going to be given back to their respective families.

The reason of the accident seems to be the sudden appearance of a child in the middle of the road, while the SUV was traveling, and to save him, the driver tried to halt the vehicle, but instead lost control and the it banged itself on a tree that had been standing by the road. After the collision, the SUV drowned in the pond.

The driver was able to get out of the horrific accident, and fled the scene. The police are still trying to find his whereabouts. The children had gone to attend a marriage Boriyare to Chinki village, along with their families. They were returning to their home, from the marriage ceremony. The site of the accident attracted a lot of public, most of whom tried to help the children and the authorities were called so that the vehicle itself could be pulled out from the pond. The child who was rescued is being treated in hospital.

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