Bareilly Triple Talaq Issue; Fatwa released against Nida khan

Bareilly Triple Talaq Issue; Fatwa released against Nida khan

Bareilly: While the issue of triple divorce on the one side is roasted across the country, the voice of divorce against Triple-Talaq in UP’s Bareilly District is now proven to be a life-threatening case for divorced and weak women Nida Khan. Darul Ifta(Darghah Ala-Hazrat) has issued a fatwa to stop the daily services(Including Fooding and all) of Nida Khan. Fatwa against Hazrat Khandan’s Darghah against Nida Khan has been issued against the likes of Halala(means making something lawful which is currently unlawful), Triple Talaq, and Polygyny(can have more than one wife at the same time, up to a total of four). It is said in the fatwa issued against Nida Khan from Darul Iftaa of Ala Hazrat, that Nida Allah is confronting the law made by God Allah. Because of which fatwa has been issued against her. City Imam Mufti Khursheed Alam told in a press conference at the Dargah that the Nida’s Daily need services(Hookah-Paani) have been stopped.

In this fatwa, Muslims who will help Nida will also be expelled from Islam religion. If Nida becomes ill, she will not be given medicine by any Muslim person. Reading prayer at her death ceremony has also been banned. Not only that, Nida’s dead body has also been banned from burial in the cemetery.

In this matter, Nida Khan, while replying by press conference, said that who issued fatwa would go to Pakistan. She said that Hindustan is a democratic country and two laws will not run here. He said that these people are just shining their politics. Who are these who reject Islam? They should be applied Shariat first it to their house. Because they come to instigate Awam in the name of Shari’a. Nida talked about taking legal help.

Fatwa Issued against Nida Khan

Fatwa Issued against Nida Khan

Nida Khan, a resident of Purana Shehar Bareilly, was married to Shiran Raza Khan, son of Usman Raza Khan, aka Anjum Mian of Hazrat Khanadan, on July 16, 2015. Anjum Mian is the brother of All India Ittihad Militant Council  President Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan. Nida says that she was assaulted only after her marriage, which resulted in her abortion. Shiran Raza Khan divorced her on February 5, 2016, and get her out of the house. Nida is alleging on his husband that he didn’t return the amount of Mehar and all the dowry material. Nida followed the legal path after this. At present the matter is in the court. Priorly, Nida was attacked after the case was investigated in the court.

Even before this, Nida Khan was threatened to put acid on her face the court premises once. Nida has also met Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya in Lucknow on this whole issue.


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