Asaram Bapu sentenced to life imprisonment by Jodhpur Central Court for raping minor

Asaram Bapu sentenced to life imprisonment by Jodhpur Central Court  for raping minor

Asaram Bapo, who self identified as a god man, is not likely to ever give a holy lesson in public as he has been sentenced to life imprisonment, by the Jodhpur court, under the sections of the POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice Act and IPC. Along with him, the charge sheet also named four other associates, Sanchita alias Shilpi, Sharad Chandra alias Sharat Chandra, Prakash and Shiva alias Sava Ram Hethvadiya. Shilpi and Sharad have each gotten a sentence of 20 years in Jail. Asaram had committed the crime on August 15 and 16, 2013 at an ashram in Jodhpur, and has been serving time in jail since 2013. He has applied for bail 12 times but hasn’t been successful till now.

Section 144 has been imposed in Jodhpur, which is going to prevent gatherings of more than four people, since violence could erupt from the side of Asaram’s followers, who have been incessantly voicing that he is innocent.

The victim of the criminal act, has found herself mired with threats by variety of sources for coming out and voicing her trauma, which caused the truth to prevail for the first time. She has also shared experience of being molested by Asaram, stating that he had told her to service him, since he was god, and if she didn’t relent, her parents who were outside the room, will be killed. Her father today said that the family and his daughter have achieved justice through Asaram’s conviction, and thanked everyone who had supported them in the fight.

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