Anti-corruption committee in Saudi Arabia dismissed Number of Ministers and Princes

Anti-corruption committee in Saudi Arabia dismissed Number of Ministers and Princes

New anti-corruption committee in Saudi Arabia dismissed dozens of senior minister and 11 princes in an investigation. The princes who are dismissed, all belong from royal families. Abdullah Al-sultan, a commander of the Saudi navy, was replaced by Fahad Al-Ghagli and senior ministers include the head of National Guard, Prince Meteb Bin Abdullah. The economy minister of Saudi, Adel Fakeih also dismissed yesterday. Saudi official news channel Al- Arabiya reported that several minister and princes has been detained from their post in an investigation of new anti corruption committee. According to press agency of Saudi the commission’s goal was to “preserve public money, punish corrupt people and those who exploit their positions”.

The kingdom’s top council of clerics tweeted about anti-corruption of Saudi Arabia and said its efforts were, as important as the fight against terrorism or it is an Islamic duty to fight corruption, essentially giving religious backing to the crackdown.

Dismissed Former ministers and prices of Saudi Arabia includes, Waleed Bin Talal (billionaire owner of the kingdom holding group), Prince Mitaab Bin Abdulla (former minister of national guard), Prince Turki Bin Abdulla (former governor of Riyadh), Prince Turki Bin Nasir, Waleed Ibrahim (owner of MBC Media Company), Khaled Al-Tuwaijri (former president of royal court), Adel Faqih ( former labor minister), Omer Dabbagh (Former president of general investment authority), Saleh Kamel (billionaire) Soud Al Tobaishi, Ibrahim Al Assaf (former Finance Minister), Baker Bin Ladin (owner of Bin Ladin Group), Soud Al- Dawish (former CEO of Saudi telecom company, Khaled Al Mulhem (former Director General at Saudi Arabian airlines).

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