Demonetization causes deaths in India, Note Bandi deaths now trending on Twitter

Demonetization causes deaths in India, Note Bandi deaths now trending on Twitter

Note Bandi deaths has been trending on twitter for quite a while. It seems that people are angry because they think that Demonetization caused deaths of people, who weren’t able to get their money converted and had no way to pay hospitals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the demonetization process on 8 November 2017, due to which, all the Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 notes were banned, and the public were asked to have them converted to Rs. 100 through the ATMs. This caused an abrupt change shift in the economy of India, and was responsible for decrease in the Annual GDP of the country.

There were also reports of deaths because of Note Bandi, as it was called, and it left many people angry about the changes. Now, as the one year anniversary comes closer, people are raising their voices about the demise of people through Note Bandi Deaths hastag on twitter. According to sources, at least 100 people have died since the process of Demonetization was put into motion.

People are tweeting names of the persons who died during the year, calling them Martyrs, and calling a shut down of Modi Government for being responsible for it.

Demonetization in India was an overall faliure, unable to get back 99% of the black money back to the banks, but it did help in changing the system a lot. But people don’t seem to think it was successful at all and are now blaming Modi for the unnecessary deaths.


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