Amit Shah’s Mission-26 in Gujarat could be a relief for injured BJP

Amit Shah’s Mission-26 in Gujarat could be a relief for injured BJP

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is going to start his fire-brand campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with a tour of Gujarat on July 11 and 15. The BJP’s stronghold Gujarat is the political implications of introducing Congress election campaign. Meanwhile, BJP chief Amit Shah has targeted to retain all the 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat(BJP has sealed all the 26 LS seats in 2014 elections) in the general elections to be held in 2019. Rahul Gandhi had made tremendous visits to the state during the assembly elections in 2017 and with the improvement of the party’s performance in the elections, the party gave all credit to Rahul Gandhi’s visits at Gujarat. The Congress got only 54 seats in the 182-member Gujarat Assembly in 2012, which increased to 77 seats in 2017.

Considering the BJP’s performance in the 2017 assembly elections, it is considered to be a difficult task. In the Assembly elections, the BJP won only 99 out of 182 seats. Although the state unit of the party says that he is confident of winning all the 26 Lok Sabha seats in 2019 because he believes that assembly and Lok Sabha elections are fought on different issues. Party sources said that during the two-day ‘Chintan Camp’, the party discussed the preparation for the 2019 elections. This meeting was held in Ahmedabad on 24-25 June. In the closing session, Amit Shah asked party workers to work hard to win all 26 seats in Gujarat.

During the session, Amit Shah directed the party leaders to make people aware of ‘good work’ done by Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. He told that Shah asked party workers to focus on strengthening the polling booths where the organizational structure of the party is weak. The key persons are asked to contact those polling stations. He also advised BJP workers about the efforts to divide the society in the name of the casteism and insist on the unity of Hindus and work towards winning the votes of all the castes. Amit Shah directed the party-workers to run a campaign named “Maati Ka Laal” to make Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the second time.

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