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Adobe elevates content experience with virtual reality

With the aim to transform PDFs into a highly interactive experience, Adobe on Friday showcased a PDF to VR prototype which enables readers to “step inside” a PDF document through a consumer virtual reality (VR) device and 360-degree content.

“Adobe’s latest prototype scratches the surface of new ways one can experience content and the underlying possibilities but the company does not guarantee to develop a product roadmap around the same. The pdf to VR prototype attests Adobe’s innovative thinking and commitment towards constantly enhancing the content experience,” the company said in a statement.

The innovation allows users to interact with an otherwise passive PDF document and unlock layers of information in it. The subject matter of a regular PDF, essentially picture led content, is turned into VR content through 360-degree views.

While reading it through a consumer VR device, readers would be virtually transported inside the document, exploring visuals. The VR content includes annotations, which when tapped on reveal related notes and information.

“The accelerating pace of digital transformation has led organisations across the world to re-think their customer engagement strategies. Content is no exception and emerging technologies like virtual reality are changing the way consumers want to experience content,” it added.

Virtual reality has been most commonly applied in video games so far. It has also proved beneficial for the medical and academic sectors.

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