7th Pay Commission will grant to employees says Amit Shah, Salary Hike still awaited

Written by Pallavi Parmar

7th Pay Commission again came back into the news with twists. As the BJP’s Chief Amit Shah while addressing the rally in Tripura today ahead of elections said the 7th pay commission to be granted to the state employees after forming a BJP government in Tripura. But the Salary hike recommendation under the 7th Pay commission is still awaited. However, the Lok Sabha has passed the bill of the salary hike of the Judges of Supreme Court and the 24 High Courts by over two folds but it hadn’t passed by the Rajya Sabha during the winter session of Parliament which ended on 5th January. And now the 7th Pay commission salary hike bill have to wait until the Budget Session.

As per the reports, the salary hike under the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission report for officers of all India services will not come into force from 1st January 2016. However, once the bill gets cleared in the Parliament, it would have become a law which will hike the salary of Chief Justice of India along with the Supreme Court judges and high court judges. And under the recommendation of 7th Pay Commission, the Chief Justice would get salary hike up to Rs 2.80 lakh from the present Rs one lakh. However, the bill not get cleared in the Parliament by the Rajya Sabha. In the wake of this now the Central government employees have to wait again until the Budget session.

As per the reports, this year the budget session will be commenced on 30th January 2018. Moreover, the High Court and the Supreme Court Judges Amendment bill, 2017 has also seeking to revise the rates of the house rent allowances from 1st July 2017. The demands and the promise of the government to the central government employees to increase the minimum pay hike from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000 a month has failed. As no confirmation of the salary hike under 7th Pay Commission has been made by the government.

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