69th Birth Anniversary of the First Indian on Moon, Rakesh Sharma

Written by Ria Maheshwari

The first Indian to land on the moon, Rakesh Sharma has a 69th birth anniversary today i.e 13th January 1949. The man became the first from India and 138th astronaut in the world to step on the moon. He remained in the space station for long seven days and opened the new way of hope and faith for the coming generations.

Born and bought-up in Patiala, Punjab in the Hindu Gaur Brahmin family, the Man full filled the dreams of every Indian. Always keen in sciences and technology since childhood, Rakesh Sharma showed the huge liking for electronic items, which is a reason Rakesh Sharma’s dream desires of flying high in the sky came true. And soon he started to struggle for his dreams and made every Indian proud on April 2, 1984, by stepping on the moon by becoming the first man from  India. His great achievements include the Ashoka Chakra award and Hero of the Soviet Union. Rakesh Sharma is the man of great words and achievements even today, he is remembered and praised by the fellow astronauts.

Rakesh Sharma always had a great liking and desire to fly high, for this he left no stone to unturn and did everything possible. The man always had great academic life, of which he made every Indian proud. He graduated from Osmania University in Hyderabad. After which his luck turn great towards him and soon he passed his NDA 1966. And became Indian Air Force Cadet Rakesh Sharma and joined his post in 1970. In fact, he was also the test-pilot at the Indian Air Force. After what he has done and achieved is known to the world and the people. On the 69th birth anniversary of Rakesh Sharam lets remember him, his great achievement and tribute him with utmost love and care.



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