A Goodwill Gesture: Rajinikanth visits the Sterlite Protest Injured in Thoothukudi

A Goodwill Gesture: Rajinikanth visits the Sterlite Protest Injured in Thoothukudi

Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth on Wednesday, 30th May 2018 will visit the people injured by the police firing in Thoothukudi protests. The actor reached Thoothukudi airport at 10.30 AM and he would visit the injured persons admitted at the government hospital. The district superintendent Murali Ramba said that VIP protection would be given to Rajinikanth. This was the actor’s first public political programme and he was well received by the fans when he reached the place.

”I am going to the hospital in Thoothukudi to visit the injured. It is just a goodwill gesture.” said Rajinikanth.

According to the police, only four persons were permitted to accompany him inside the hospital. He has been permitted only to visit government hospitals and was not permitted to visit the families of any victim.

Rajini called the Sterlite Copper plant “inhumane”. He also said that the plant should not be opened again. He asked the state government to “come down hard” on the anti-social elements, who indulged in violence in Thoothukudi. Asking justice for the victims and injured he demanded to punish the higher police officials who were involved in firing on the protesters, injuring and killing them.

Earlier, the actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth who usually remains diplomatic had blamed the government for not giving convincing answers to questions over the police firing and not paying attention to the demands of the people. Rajinikanth held the government responsible for the violence that had erupted in the state.

“It is saddening that lives have been lost due to the government’s lethargy in heeding the demands of the people. This should be reprimanded. The Tamil Nadu government is responsible for the violence and the deaths of common people.” said the actor.

The protests that led to the death of 13 people were continuing for the last three months and it turned violent on May 22 after the protesters started throwing stones at police forces present in the area which prompted them to open fire at the protesters. The locals who had marched there were demanding the closure of the Copper plant over rising level of pollution it caused. The Opposition strongly criticized the Tamil Nadu state government over the open firing by the police.


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