Wassup zindagi movie review: Directed by FilmFare award winner Manoj Lalwani

Wassup zindagi movie review: Directed by FilmFare award winner Manoj Lalwani
Written by Ria Maheshwari

The comedy drama family gujrati movie, WASSUP ZINDAGI which released today i.e 4th august 2017 has fulfilled our promises. Under the director Manoj Lalwani, the film, WASSUP ZINDAGI has a lot of fun elements which are deliberately written by Manoj Lalwani himself. After its trailer launch, the film looked very promising and soon after its release, it did fulfill our desired hopes. The cast of the film includes Sameer Khakhar, Ravish Desai and Jayesh more who has done a great job in making the film colorful.
The story of the film, WASSUP ZINDAGI  revolves around the four friends, who do a lot of fun even after getting married. They roam around, drink, party and do everything possible that pleases them. Inpiste of the fact that they are married. They hardly give time to their family and are least bothered about their wives. But the twist of the film comes, when later they realize that family is everything and needs to be cared and looked after.

The film, WASSUP ZINDAGI is under the banner of U turn productions and produced by Shakti Films & Entertainment and J Milan Films. The Gujarati comedy is written-directed by the Filmfare award winner Manoj Lalwani, who has very smartly penned all the characters in the film. And helped by R.M. Swamy, the director of photography.  The important cast and crew of the film are Sonu Chandrapal, Prem Gadhavi, Jhinal Belani, Jayaka Yagnik, Bhakti Rathod, Gaurav Paswala, Twisha Shukla Shah, and Sameer Khakkar. And the music of the film is scored by Rohit Kulkarni, Aishwarya Majmudar, And Shaan.

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