Toofan Singh movie review : Ranjit Bawa a Punjabi hero against oppressing government

Toofan Singh movie review : Ranjit Bawa a Punjabi hero against oppressing government
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Toofan singh is a punjabi film starring Ranjit Bawa in titular role. Toofan singh is essentially a story of an outlaw who revolts against the corrupt system and government to become the voice of people. The name Toofan Singh is given to him by fellow outlaws. Since childhood Toofan Singh was a menace against oppressing system of government and even went to jail for his beliefs and rights. After a long point of time when police and government are not doing their duty the right way he comes a back to lead a uprising in Punjab with those who shared his ideas and thought process.

Uprising lead by Toofan Singh is completely violent as he believes that the answers one can’t get from silence, can from guns. Ranjit Bawa gives an astonishing performance as he had actually lived this performance in real life. Yashpal Sharma who played a cop did complete justice to his character while subtly serving a nuanced performance. Cast of the film is gigantic and not one actor looked out of his character at any given point of time in the film.

Director Baghal Singh took the task of handling this mega film and did an outstanding job. Action in the film was choreographed very well, and was divided to keep it through out the film instead of mushing all of it in the climax. The emotional arc of the story sometimes get lost when screenplay is so fast paced but writers Dilbag Singh, Dheeraj Rattan and Surmeet Maavi made sure that characters get their moments through dialogues or silences. Music director Charanjit Ahuja and Gurmeet Singh did a wonderful job with the explosive background score and wonderful songs to put more energy into the film. Overall Toofan Singh is a must watch and should be given its due.

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