VIP 2 movie review : Dhanush gives mass punches but film lacks the flavor of VIP

VIP 2 movie review : Dhanush gives mass punches but film lacks the flavor of VIP

VIP 2 is a Tamil comedy-drama movie starring Famous actor Dhanush and Bollywood heart-throb Kajol. VIP 2 is a sequel to 2014 film Vellaillai Pattadhari. VIP became an instant classic when it released as this was the first time when a mass hero (Dhanush) played an unemployed graduate engineer. Raghuvaran played by Dhanush got a lot of flack from his family and under some grief driven circumstances he passionately pursues engineering against the corrupt builder mafia. The primary reason for VIP becoming a franchise was its novelty factor brought by Velraj’s unique writing and direction style. Dhanush as an actor and producer was highly appreciated for backing up a film which deals with a social contemporary issue called unemployment and making it in a entertaining way. VIP was a hit amongst the mass and niche audience.

Absence of Velraj can be clearly seen in VIP 2. Story and dialogues written by Dhanush have very similar tone as VIP and hardly offer anything new but fighting against a rich corrupt builder played by Kajol Devgan. VIP 2 picks up straight after the events of VIP and with its own reasons makes Dhanush an unemployed graduate again. Screenplay of Soundarya Rajnikanth is highly predictable and picks up only in the second half. VIP was a sensible cinema with moments of mass appreciation as well, VIP 2 offers less of that but Amul Baby is retained. Director Soundarya takes the entire first half in establishing the already well established characters and the reason for that could be lack of second act in the story.

Velraj gave VIP a very distinctive directorial touch where he could create comedy with the camera and cuts. Soundarya Rajnikanth was too busy making VIP a grandeur which in its core is an intimate story. Soundarya seems to be wired of commercial thinking hence she has put a lot of action in the second half which runs without emotion. Keeping everything in family is not the best decision after all and Dhanush could not understand this with the intellectual rights of Vellaillai Pattadhari. As a standalone VIP 2 is a good film but fails in comparison to its predecessor.

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