Ungarala Rambabu review the movie will inspire you to stand for your love

Ungarala Rambabu review the movie will inspire you to stand for your love
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Ungarala Rambabu is a Telugu movie which features Miya George, Sunil, Ashish Vaidyarthi, Posani Krishna Murali, Ali Basha, Prakash Raj, Raja Ravindra and many more in the prominent roles in the movie. The movie has been directed by Kranthi Madhav and he is the one to produce this movie too.

This Telugu movie revolves around the story of a man whose name is Ram Babu  and is a happy-go-lucky person by nature who grew from rags to riches as his fate and luck favored him. But as it is said that time is not all the same always, same happened with Ram Babu. He started incurring loses in his business but his life takes a turn when he contacts his astrologer regarding the problem he is facing. He is being suggested by his astrologer that he should marry to a girl who will prove to be his lady luck as soon as he finds her. His life changed when to his utter surprise, he found the girl in his office. As he knew that she was the one, he started following her to know about her and plans to marry her. However, the girl too started showing interest in him and tells him to impress her father to get married to her. Ram Babu agrees ad visits her village in Kerala to meet her parents. Now its his fate whether he wins over the girl or not.

Apart from the story, the songs and the cinematography of the movie is good and is a must watch for the Telugu viewers as well.


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