Thatana Thiti Mommagana Prastha movie review: Cinema of 3rd century BC

Thatana Thiti Mommagana Prastha movie review: Cinema of 3rd century BC

Thatana Thiti Mommagana Prastha is a Kannada language film, which could only be appreciated by unidentified species. The film is suppose to be a comedy, which it is, the only difference is that you will be laughing at the film. Justifying the title of this review, it does look like an ancient film before the world even existed. One often wonders if these film-makers even go outside of their houses or on internet to see what’s going in this place called world. There is really no plot in the film, it is just a bunch of gags put together with weird characters trying to do something, which is actually nothing.

This bizarre cast is lead by Loki (not from Thor), who is sincerely vague in the film. Shubha Poonja and Om Prakash Mehra contribute absolutely nothing to the film instead of merely existing in the frames. I would take this film as a docu-drama if someone said that the actors were not aware that they were being shot. Screenplay of the film is held tightly, and strongly inconsistent through out. First line in any screenplay book is that a screenplay is complete when the writer can describe the thought of the film in one line, these people could not even after making the film.

Directing this film must have felt like being the captain of sinking Titanic, except this film looks worse than a visual of sinking boat. In terms of cinematography one may say that there was a camera, which was ON, pointed here and there recording something. Surprisingly enough its the editing which is absolutely worse with abrupt cuts and absolutely no sense of background score. Looking at these films, one feels really sad that cinema in this country is still degraded to this level, where one does not even see the hope coming out of the projector. There can’t be a reason to watch this film. Take it one Friday at a time!!.


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