Sniff movie trailer review : Amole Gupte returns with kids

Sniff movie trailer review : Amole Gupte returns with kids

Trailer of Sniff is here and Amole Gupte could be seen handling the baton of films about children again. In 2007, Gupte conceived Taare Zameen Par, which was later directed by Aamir Khan. Since his 2011 release Stanley ka Dabba, its his 3rd directorial venture that revolves around a kid as a central character. As one can see in the trailer that a little sikh school boy is suffering with a problem, where he can’t smell anything. Smell being an important thing as sight and sound, the kid suffers through a lot of problems and confusion. In a very adorable scene his friend tries to explain him what the smell of an orange is like with the facial expression to go with it.

With the most important twist in the story the kid gets his sense of smell back because of an incident in chemical laboratory. Now his incapability to smell has turned into a super power where he can smell anything up-to the distance of 2 kilometers. He utilizes his power to the advantage of society by trying to solve the case of stolen cars, where he tries to sniff the thieves out. Plot of the film is very interesting as we see a pretty young detective in the making and unusual because a new power called sniffing has come alive.

It comes with no doubt that Gupte’s fascination towards the emotion of a child is undying, hence he keeps on penning films like that despite the fact these films aren’t working too well. From Stanley Ka Dabba, Hawa Hawai to Sniff the exploration of a child’s capability and vulnerability has been molding Gupte’s vision to all kinds of directions.

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