Suvarna Purushan movie review: A perfectly entertaining movie

Suvarna Purushan movie review: A perfectly entertaining movie

Suvarna Purushan, directed by Sunil Puveily, and starring, Innocent, Sreejith Ravi, Bijukuttan and Lena is a entertaining and perfectly suited for people who are looking for a one time watch that is going to keep them interested till the end of the movie. There is not much else to be gained from the narrative, even as the makers try to force importance onto it. There are some weighty themes about fame and movies, but it is buried in the loud music and the star performances. Which doesn’t mean that the movie is bad, its just that there are many things going on the story, and some of it doesn’t cohere.

But, the best of all is the performances from the whole cast. As Innocent gives a perfectly pitched performance that never seems that its is going to overwhelm the story, but still works its charm at the audiences. The supporting players are all very good, and they collaborate to make the movie more riveting. Sunil does a great job at creating the scenes that look authentic, and even as the plot goes from frantic to haphazard, he keeps control over the proceedings.

Even when things look like they’re over the top and not really how real life is, the characters are real enough to make you feel their emotions without much manipulation.

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