Sushanth starrer ‘ChiLaSow’ first look revealed on his birthday

Sushanth starrer ‘ChiLaSow’ first look revealed on his birthday
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

It has been a long tradition in the entertainment industry to release film related information on the birthday of people who are in it. Sushanth is something of a star in Telugu industry or enough for his birthday to be celebrated in some capacity by fans and hence the first look of his film is revealed. One can assume how lazy and scriptless this film must be which has nothing in the poster but the actor sitting like kids in college do in their Facebook profile pictures. Absolutely no substantial information regarding the film is conveyed by the poster instead of begging people to know that Sushanth has done such a favor on everybody to be in it.

He is just sitting on the bench in the most mondaying style and similar things can happen to the film on the box office. What could possibly be the purpose of a poster that reveals no information about the film because the actor announcement can be made with a press release. Film is expected to release sometime in later half of 2018 but makers failed to generate any excitement regarding this project or maybe they have already given up to even try.

Even the worst films in the history of cinema have made some effort to bring in whatever hype they can to the theaters and eventually wait for the results to become a calamity to them but this one goes beyond that. Makers did not even try to tell the basic theme or tonality of the film instead gave Sushanth a profile picture to use on some social media account of his by the name of a film poster. He has got a tennis racket lying next to him but it does not seem at all if he has played game or even going to by his extremely gel-ed hair look.

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