Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia ex-couple captured in London

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia ex-couple captured in London
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Sunny Deol is a Bollywood actor who liked to keep his personal life out of the media and avoids making it a headline. The actor who did not even make any appearance with his wife in the media even after spending so much time in the industry, was recently being captured in London hand-in-hand and it seems that the old love and romance is taking some turns now. Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol have been a couple in the past but since then there was nothing that we heard about their comeback together. But there is one person in the industry who peeps into everybody’s life time to time, and he is no other than self-style film critic Kamal R Khan who has been the first to share the video in public where the two were seen sitting together in a way that is none other than just being romantic.

Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol have worked earlier in the movie like Manzil, Aag Ka Gola, Arjun and Narasimha. The actress Dimple Kapadia have been married to Rajesh Khanna but got divorced due to her alleged relationship with Sunny Deol that the reports tell us.

Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Leone both are married but still it seems that they are not able to forget each other. Coming to his work front Sunny Deol was last seen in the movie Poster Boys off lately.

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