Sidharth Malhotra leaves fans in desperation by posting shocking tweet

Sidharth Malhotra leaves fans in desperation by posting shocking tweet
Written by Abhishek Rana

Sidharth Malhotra has left his fans in desperation by a shocking tweet. Some time ago today, Sidharth tweeted that “sorry i am done!” and he also replaced his display picture to black. After the tweet got attention, people and especially his fans were desperate to find out what had happened to the star, as he also wrote “off” on the biography space of his twitter account. There has been no further reports or communication with the actor, which has left the fans shocked and speechless after reading it. Some people have speculated that the action taken by Sidharth is a way to publicize his upcoming movie Aiyaary, a movie based on the Indian army, which also involves Manoj Bajpai in the cast.

The tweet has brought significant attention to Sidharth’s twitter feed, as people are confused why he didn’t delete his account, and only just blackened his photograph. Some people have recieved a message from the publicity team from the Aiyaary, that tells them that they should tweet about hashtag Sid off the grid to promote the movie. Such action has angered some people who think that posting such a cryptic and disturbing message just for the sake of promoting a movie is not only opportunistic, but also disgusting, because it plays with the people who love Sidharth and sends out a wrong message to people.

The message has not been confirmed, but it is strongly suspected that everything is right and that this was a misleading tweet that was sent out to promote the movie. Still, Sidharth has too many fans who are concerned and will want an explanation or at least some indication that their idol is fine and no harm has come to him, physically or psychologically. Now, everyone just has to wait for Sidharth to tweet again and clarify the situation to everyone.




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