‘Shubh Din’ from ‘Parmanu’ is out now setting the folk flavor into narrative

‘Shubh Din’ from ‘Parmanu’ is out now setting the folk flavor into narrative
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Makers of John Abraham starrer ‘Parmanu’ released the first song of their film by the name of ‘Shubh Din’ and it sets the tone for Rajasthani backdrop of the film. Most of the film is set in Rajasthan as this is the place where government did the experimentation of nuclear bomb. Some of the film is based in Delhi as well inside government offices who would make decision about a national action being taken on such a high risk. It also has something to do with the folk culture of Rajasthan which would always find it’s flavor in sound as well as it goes in the visuals.

It is inspired from folk music of the state but additional western elements have been added into it. Music of the film will be released in some time though it is not the kind of narrative where one can expect chart buster music because the mood of the film is something which does not fit into any popular music choice. Parmanu has to cash in on the hard hitting narrative and the importance of such an important story which has never been told before. Nature of the film is quite political hence it would be interesting to see if makers tone down the frequency of names of actual political figures which had a hand to execute or oppose it.

President APJ Abdul Kalam literally disguised himself as an army officer and went on the fields to make sure that it gets executed professionally but makers might not take the name as the climate of India is not open to that or maybe they would. John is great when he performs sincere characters and it might be one add into a long list of fantastic performances he has delivered throughout the duration of his career.

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