Shreelancer movie review : An experience of life through travel in the light

Shreelancer movie review : An experience of life through travel in the light

Shreelancer is an upcoming Hindi film directed by Sandeep Mohan. Shreelancer is an independent film written, produced and directed by Sandeep Mohan. Shreelancer is the story of a boy Shreepad Naik who is a freelancing writer with a single parent. Exactly like the youth of today, Shreepad engages most of his time on internet, social media and has forgotten real world experiences. He does not even have a proper job and works largely on his laptop sitting in a cafe. Due to an assignment he gets the opportunity to go to mountains and spend some time there. Shreepad sets out on a journey which leads him to experiences where he does not even know his geographical location with no mode of communication to his near and dear ones.

Shreepad on his experiences, good or bad tries to find the meaning of life and how it feels to live with in the nature without Facebook. Shreepad is a normal Mumbai boy, who has not seen much in life and has made a pact with his dad that one day they will travel to Kerala. Engaged in the nitty-gritty economical decisions of life, Shreepad was just always working with no co-curricular adventures in life. His journey in the mountains with surreal experiences that almost got him killed also made him realize that life is not a race to finish line but rather a montage of scrambled moments to live with, in and for.

Sandeep Mohan did a brilliant job making this film an experience and in a very tight budget. Arjun Radhakrishnan (Shreepad) is the backbone, heart and soul of this film, he is there in almost every frame and carries the film on his shoulder. Shreelancer is a good choice if you are looking for a thinking indie this weekend.

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