Maacher Jhol bengali movie review: Film make you feel connected to your family

Maacher Jhol bengali movie review: Film make you feel connected to your family

Maacher Jhol, an influential Bengali movie which is based on people’s aspiring dreams. The movie features Paoli Dam, Ritwick Chakraborty, Mamata Shakar, Sanjoy Nag and Sauraseni Maitra in the lead roles. The movie is believed to be a great entertainer and is sure to leave an impact on the people.

The story of the movie revolves around the heartwarming tale of a world famous masterchef who seem to settle somewhere in the parts of Paris where he is famous as a chef, a person who left his Engineering job and also has a cookery show and he returns to his roots through a mere bowl of fish curry which is known to be the typical Bengali cuisine. When he returns to Kolkata, the reason of his return was his ailing mother and so he returns after 13 years. But the surprising fact is that being a masterchef also, a cooking challenge changed his life completely. The challenge was from his ailing mother ho was suffering from Brain tumor that he has to prepeare the same fish curry that he used to prepare 13 years back. The movie brings a great emotional drive and will surely make you feel connected.

If we talk about the actors of the movie, then we could clearly witness the justice they have done to their roles being offered. The cinematography of the movie is also appreciable as the movie has been shot at beautiful places and the credit can be given to Subhankar Bhar. The musician, singer and the lyricist of the movie is Anupam Roy who has created extremely soothing music of the movie.

This awesome movie is there at your nearest theaters. Please go watch and feel the emotional connect of a family.

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