Shahrukh Khan met Christopher Nolan in Mumbai and internet is broken

Shahrukh Khan met Christopher Nolan in Mumbai and internet is broken
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Shahrukh Khan took to micro blogging website and shared his fan boy moment when he met prolific director Christopher Nolan in Mumbai where he was giving the talk about artistic medium of cinema. Nolan is in India to promote the film restoration of 35mm and 70mm as Indian film industry is mostly functioning on the digital medium only. Nolan is known to be working with film reels through out his career and made two and a half hour film called Interstellar entirely on the film reel. His latest offering ‘Dunkirk’ was also film but in India came as a digital release.

A day ago Kamal Haasan met Nolan and actually apologized for watching the film on digital and was surprised to know that he has seen Pappamaasan. Nolan is in Mumbai for 3 days and will host the screening of Interstellar on 35 mm and 70 mm. Carnival cinemas has brought the film projection back to India and Interstellar will be inaugurating it. Khan met Nolan and obviously clicked a selfie which is literally breaking the internet though there is no project between them to work with.

Khan is usually called upon to host the Hollywood icons when they come to India as he did with Brad Pitt when he came to promote ‘War Machine’. Khan hosted a talk for him when he took the stage and spoke to him about the working of different film industries. Nolan has come here for a very specific reason which is to shine the light upon usage of films to shoot a film instead of chipping in memory cards and than displaying it on the screen. Since the arrival of digital, makers realized that it is a little expensive to make the film on film reels plus 90% of the theaters in the world went digital with their projection.

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