Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar has gained a lot of acclaim from critics, and has been hailed as being one of the best movie of the year. But the Box Office collection for the movie has been a little slow, collecting only 4 crore on its first day, but that might not be anything to worry about, since it opened on Diwali and people usually prefer to stay at home and celebrate than going out and watching movies. It will have the advantage of word of mouth, because people who have seen the movie, mostly love it and are going to recommend it to their friends and families.

Secret Superstar is the story of a little girl, Isiya (Zaira Wasim), who wants to become a singer and then gets the help of a narcissistic Music Producer, Shakti Kumar, played by Aamir Khan.

The movie has generated a lot of buzz for Zaira Wasim’s performance and Aamir Khan’s supporting turn, it has been called emotional, life affirming and heartbreaking. Audience reaction to the movie has also been overwhelmingly positive, as they’ve said that the movie mad them cry and that the performances are one of the years best.

It’s still early to call the movie a commercial success, but if the reception is to be believed, it is going to be another winner for Aamir Khan and the cast.

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