Meyaadha Maan movie review: A traditional but heartfelt romantic movie

Meyaadha Maan movie review: A traditional but heartfelt romantic movie
Written by Abhishek Rana

Meyaadha Maan is a romantic comedy movie, directed by Rathna Kumar and starring Vaibhav Reddy and Priya Bhavani Shankar. On surface, this is another romadey, as they say, and has little to offer to the audiences apart from some sense of guilty pleasure from watching it, but it does boasts some strong performances and has its heart in the right place, so, people shouldn’t dismiss it in any way.  It centers on a music singer,  Idhayam Murali (Vaibhav Reddy), and the woman whom he loves, but who doesn’t love him back, S. Madhumita, and it is about how he tries to make her fall in love with him and his trials.

Even if the story is as cliched as they come, the performance is where the movie shines, and both of the leads give themselves to create two characters who feel alive, and not like they’re being played by actors.

Priya is wonderfully chirpy, while Vaibhav is hysterical in his scenes. The direction of the movie is good, though not very flashy and keeps it grounded in the real world. The music by Santosh Narayanan is very catchy and will appeal to every audiences.

I’d recommend watching the movie because it is heartfelt and features two standout performances.

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