Sardar Mohammad, a Punjabi language movie directed by Harry Bhatti and starring Tarsem Jassar and Mandy Takhar was released on 3 November 2017, and has been building buzz ever since. The movie is an examination of India-Pakistan partition. It concerns a boy, who is saved during the partition and is brought up in a Punjabi-Sikh family. He grows up happy and falls in love with a local girl, but then he finds the truth about his adopted parents and has to confront it. The movie has gotten very good reviews and has been praised for its tender and nuanced examination of such a serious topic.

The Audience members seem to have responded to the movie because it is doing very well in the Indian and Overseas market. In United Kingdom, it has, as of yet collected 10 Lakhs. In New Zealand, it did business of 8 Lakhs, It did even better in Australia, where it collected 22.42 Lakhs.

Overall, it has till now made a very good progress, and it should be noted that the movie has recieved very good reviews. The word of mouth fro the movie is very good, and it has risen to the third best showing at the U.S Indian releases, which is a great achievement for a second language movie.

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