Paradise Papers: 13.4 million records leaked, 714 Indian names revealed in ICIJ investigation

Paradise Papers: 13.4 million records leaked, 714 Indian names revealed in ICIJ investigation

Global centric investigation by a renowned journalism consortium on paradise papers revealed data consisting of 13.4 million accounts of financial records. Global investigation by the Journalists of the International Consortium of Investigative exposed the alleged activities of world’s most powerful people and companies involving malicious financial transactions.

Earlier in 2016, data consisting of 11.5 million records was leaked, leaks termed as Panama Papers, which included the financial detail and attorney-client information. This data showed the alleged nefarious dealings of the world’s rich and famous. Similar to Panama Papers data now ICIJ has released the Paradise Papers which includes the names of 714 Indian in the cache of 13.4 million documents.

Irony is, Paradise Papers documents got leaked just two days before Centre’s National anti-black money day. It is one of the biggest data leak ever which allegedely ‘names and shames’ 382 journalists, 96 media partners and 67 countries. According to reports, 13.4 million data leaked the information from two offshore service providers Appleby and Asiaciti Trust and 19 secrecy jurisdictions.

This leaked data covers the period of nearly 70 years 1950-2016 which exposes the Rich and powerful people or the companies who took advantages in many cases and tax havens. The leaked Paradise Papers exposes many shareholders and companies also Russian companies for the alleged investments in Twitter and Facebook. The Paradise Papers documents allegedly exposes 714 Indians including reknowned celebrity like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata, corporate Nira Radia and others by the ICIJ.

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