Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 6 on 19 June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 6 on 19 June 2017
Written by Karu Cheema

Indu’s antic exhibition has started and then enters the show Jasmine with Rochesh. Maya gets irked with Jasmine on coming to the exhibition without any invitations. Jasmine tries saying something in English which no one understands and hearing that Maya leaves. Maya welcomes her guest Manushi she asks Indu and Maya to pack 6 starters for her instead of ordering some antics.

Sahil looks at his phone  and then his son wakes up and starts telling Indus number. Anirudh enters the exhibition and greets Maya and Indu all of them joke and laugh out loud. Anirudh recites hi poem “Maine Bakwaas Hoon” hearing it  Rochesh and Maya applaud. Rochesh recites a poem telling nothing from the exhibition has been sold. Mounisha asks Manushi to buy something as she has eaten so many things already hearing this Maya gets angry with her for misbehaving with the guest. Sonia and Dushyant enters the antic exhibition. Dushyant points at Anirudh saying he stole something from the exhibition and then suddenly a guest fall on the floor.

Dushyant and Rochesh enter Sahil’s place to congratulate him for dads exhibition going flop. Sahil gets excited to ask what happened at the event. Rochesh starts narrating what happened at the exhibition. The guest who had fall was taken to hospital emergency. Dushyant stops Anirudh to search him and Mounisha seconds his point they both pull his clothes. Anirudh puts had in his pocket takes out a bottle of medicine and states that he is under depression. Mounisha says she lost her phone in the exhibition and now with the insurance money she is going to buy something from his exhibition.

Next Morning an art collector enters the exhibition and buys a lot of stuff from the exhibition. Sahil gets happy with Arnab scoring an A+ in literacy. Sahil reads an article that Arnab has written in his copy where he states he loves both Sahil and Indu. He also states in the article that Sahil throws away his chocolates and shouts at him but he loves him a lot. To which Sahil replies by saying that dads do that just for there sons welfare. Arnab cross questions Sahil asking that Indu had left the job at the age of  45 was that for Sahil’s welfare.


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