Salman Khan starrer ‘Dus Ka Dum’ season 3: Every detail about the show

Salman Khan starrer ‘Dus Ka Dum’ season 3: Every detail about the show

Superstar Salman Khan came up with a fun no knowledge game show called ‘Dus Ka Dum’ in 2008 and it was a massive success. One of the most unique things about the show was that you did not really had to be an expert of anything in order to win this show. In shows like KBC or other talent reality shows, one had to be an achiever of some form of knowledge or skill to compete with others. It is a game of sheer fun and chance where people have to participate in absolutely biennial questions which don’t even have an answer in real life and win some hard cash.

Show got popular with laymen and season 2 returned in 2009 because people saw hope in themselves to go and win something in it out of pure luck like lottery. Salman is coming up with season 3 and registration line got opened on 11 March 2018. Contestants can go online on Sony and register themselves to go on the show and play it with Salman. There is always a constant line of app that will be open as the show will be airing and people can sit at home while winning some cash from the questions of the show.

Show will air on 4 June 2018 at 9 pm on Sony and will continue from there. Shooting has already been started in film city Mumbai where a big set was put up in accordance to the grandeur of the show. Salman is making this show bigger than ever as the channel has decided to put massive cash prize that would have a five question lead up. Show will be aired for upcoming months and is expected to break the barriers of TRP because Salman is at his prime now. Show might be renewed for season 4 depending on the response of this season.

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