Look who Salman Khan is babysitting!!

Look who Salman Khan is babysitting!!
Written by Priyanka sarangi

It would not be wrong if we say that Salman loves kids a lot. While the fact remains the same that Salman Khan is an eternal bachelor and is not planning to marry anytime soon, another fact that has always made our hearts happy is that Salman loves kids like anything. He pampers his nephews and nieces like crazy and even plays with kids that he comes across.

While it’s always great for Salman to meet and spend time with kids, he is just newly become mamu to Arpita Khan Sharma’s son, Ahil. And these pictures below will definitely prove that he’s going to be the best mamu to Arpita’s son.

If we look at the relationship of Salman Khan and Arpita Khan then its fabulous. If we go into the facts then we can say that Arpita is not Salman’s real sister but then also he has done a lot for Arpita.

Salman was always there for Arpita in her good and bad times and vis-a-versa. So it’s obvious that Bhaijaan’s jaan is Ahil.

Lets have a look at the photos and get a proof of it:

  1. This picture depicts clearly that Salman khan loves kids a lot. 

2. Even though he is old enough to be someone’s dad, he becomes a child when he is with children.

3. Spending his evenings with Ahil is perhaps what Salman would sacrifice anything for…

4. Spending time with children is Salman’s favourite pass time

5. Children and salman khan have great connection!!

6. Look at this new mama!!

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