Tubelight Radio Song: Salman Khan in the cutest avataar

Tubelight Radio Song: Salman Khan in the cutest avataar
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Salman Khan launched the first song of his upcoming flick Tubelight being titled the Radio song with the lyrics ‘Bajaiyyo Bajaiyyo Radio Zara’. The song has been titled Radio song as the visuals of the song shows a celebration as the news of Salman’s brother being alive comes via Radio. The last time Salman Khan and Kabir Khan shot a song together in similar environs, it was the super-successful Selfie Le Le.

Seeing the video, we can understand that the character of Salman Khan has just got a good news and is celebrating it amid the residents of the place. He is dancing his way through the streets and with the people around, making the audience flow with him through the melodious song too.

The Radio Song is set in a fictional town Jagatpura and it is heard that Kabir recreated the location in Mumbai itself since he wanted it to look natural and untouched by modernization. In the song, we see Salman flaunting his innocent face and dancing with people who are dressed as the locals living in India’s mountainous terrain.

The celebratory song has 1000 dancers along with Salman. It is surely telling us how big and ambitious Kabir and Salman’s third collaboration Tubelight is going to be. The film is an official adaptation of a small American film, Little Boy.

The most amazing part is the entry of debutants in the movie that too from the Hollywood industry. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu is also part of the film. Though she appears briefly, her presence in the film is enough to generate curiosity. Salman’s bonding with child actor Matin Ray Tangu is also another reason to watch the film. Besides this, the film also stars a series of brilliant actors including Om Puri.

Salman Khan is also famous for his friendship with children. In this movie also, Salman Khan will be seen with a child actor named Martin Ray Tangu who is also a chinese star.

Altogether we can say that the movie has an emotional touch and is at the same time funny. How can a movie be serious with Salman and Sohail Khan in the cast?

The movie will hit the silver screens on 19th May, 2017. Stay updated with us till then!!

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