S Durga cleared by the censor board without any cuts

S Durga cleared by the censor board without any cuts
Written by Abhishek Rana

The revising committee of CBFC has cleared the controversial, Malayalam film, S Durga, without any cuts and given it a U/A certificate. The controversy related to the title of the movie, as there were three letters before the word S that had been painted white, and which people took as “Sexy”, and people found them objectionable to be associated with Durga, the Hindu deity. Another controversy had risen when the movie was rejected by the  International Film Festival of India last year because of these issues. Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, director of the movie, then moved the Kerala High Court and had recieved a decision which was in his favor.

After the decision, the jury of the festival had asked the intervention of the Censor Board committee, which had ordered a re-examination of the movie, which had caused the movie to miss its premiere in the festival.

Eight members had watched the movie and cleared it, as the director himself tweeted the news, while also posting the next poster of the movie, in which it is only titled, S Durga. In a letter to the CBFC, Sasidharan had written, “The title of the film in the credit roll was shown as ‘S Durga’, without any ‘S ###’ i.e. the rectangular white boxes. The title ‘S Durga’ was the title already certified by the CBFC, Thiruvananthapuram. It is apparent that the version exhibited for the Jury at IFFI, Goa was differing from the version exhibited for the Revising Committee. In the version shown they did not find any tampering with the title or the font of the title or visuals form as suggested by the Examining Committee.”

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