Ranveer Singh received his first award for Padmaavat

Ranveer Singh received his first award for Padmaavat

Ranveer Singh walked extremely proud to achieve the labor of his love as received Dada Saheb Phalke Excellence Award for his phenomenal work in Padmaavat. People related to that film went through hell and back in order to get it made but now they are having the best professional times of their lives. Recently Shahid Kapoor also won this award for Padmaavat and now it’s the epic villain Khilji’s turn. Ranveer has quite simply delivered the best performance of his career and many others by achieving the near impossible animosity he carried in that role.

Khilj is an extremely complicated character and has absolutely no relevance to person who grew up in 21 st century Mumbai but Ranveer breathed new life in that character altogether. It is simply one of the best performances ever by an actor in the history of world cinema and Ranveer would have to build new shelves to keep them awards as they are going to be narcissistic in number. In all his might Ranveer did everything he could to make sure that this performance comes out right and shows up with no pain on celluloid because pain is temporary but film is permanent.

He shot for 40 days straight in a heavy costume drama doing battle scenes in extreme heat to get his performance done on time and meet the release date. There was a point in time when makers were not even sure if their film will get a release as it steered a whole new level of film controversy but it did and banked fantastic numbers on the box office which is the audience validation towards this epic moving poetic imagery. There was no scene in the film where Ranveer was out of character for even one second instead did his part unbelievably convincing to the yearning audience.

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