Ranveer Singh is electric in Padmaavat song ‘Khalibali’

Ranveer Singh is electric in Padmaavat song ‘Khalibali’
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Makers of Padmaavat have finally released the official video of song Khalibali from Padmaavat in which Ranveer Singh sets ablaze the dance form by his menacing energy. Ranveer’s Allaudin Khilji is extraordinarily powerful in this song even more so than Malhari from Bajirao Mastani. Khalibali is essentially the song of celebration that Khilji sings in his palace in Delhi where he is waiting for Padmavati’s arrival and he just can’t contain his excitement. Song has many dancers in it and the synchronization between them is ultimate.

Ranveer did not lose the touch of animal instinct of his character even in the song and gave electrifying performance. In one of his recent interviews Ranveer revealed that his legs were pulp and energy down to zero by the time they got to this song in the heavy schedule of the film but he still managed his level best, as they say pain is temporary but film is permanent. Whatever gets captured on the celluloid stays that way for years to come and that’s what will be perceived not the efforts or problems behind it and knowing this Ranveer has done a masterful job.

Music of the film is entirely composed by Sanjay Bhansali and song Khalibali is sung by his long time frequent collaborate Shail Hada with Shivam Pathak. Song is made up of 2 languages Arabic and Hindi with poetry inspired from that of Amir Khusro’s who was one of the pearls in Khilji’s gems. Song was deeply appreciated in the film as it fills the heart of audience with chaos and joy in order to prepare them for the havoc that is about to come in the film. Song comes right in the pre-climax of the film and still did not feel like as if the narration of film was being stopped with this set piece because Ranveer was totally in character.

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