Ranbir and Taimur look adorable during Christmas brunch

Ranbir and Taimur look adorable during Christmas brunch

Rishi Kapoor took to twitter to post a picture of Uncle Ranbir with Taimur during the infamous Kapoor christmas brunch. This tradition was started by Shashi Kapoor and wife Jennifer and Kapoor family is making sure that it is still being carried even after his demise. The whole Kapoor family meets one day during christmas afternoon and have brunch together and this tradition has been there for a long time now. The entire family was there and Ranbir could be seen holding Taimur in his arms, while the rest of the family is also busy clicking pictures.

It is the first time when Ranbir and Taimur are photographed together although Kapoor has mentioned in the past that Taimur has got the best of both his parents. Ranbir, who doesn’t have an account on Twitter pretty much shows up everyday on the social media platform getting photographed by some or the other person. The Kapoor genetics definitely has something with in them that makes these boys look so gorgeous. Saif Ali Khan also joined the family tradition with Randhir Kapoor and Aadar Jain as well attending the feast.

Taimur has been doing the rounds of been trending on the internet almost everyday since he was born. Taimur recently celebrated his 1st birthday in his family lineage home in Pataudi with Saif and rest of the family being present there. In an interview with Film Companion Saif mentioned that except for the family Taimur will also be getting help by the media his his growing up. The severe media attention that Taimur is getting scares Saif and he might send him to a boarding school in London as every member of his family has gone. Saif said that the boys in his family were sent to boarding schools in order to live a normal life intheir growing up years without media and glamour part getting imprinted on them.

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