Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Sanju’ post his jail time in new poster

Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Sanju’ post his jail time in new poster
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Rajkumar Hirani took to micro blogging website and shared the first of many character posters of Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt from the film ‘Sanju’. This poster teased Ranbir as Sanju when he came out of jail in 2016 with a very specific look. Dutt was brooding and intense during that phase of his life as it was perhaps the most difficult 5 years of his life. Not only he was in jail but due to security reasons they put him in solitary confinement where he did not know what time of the day/night it was till he started noticing the movements of ants on the window.

He got incredibly stressed in the confinement and voluntarily banged his head against the wall which gave him a bunch of stitches. After sometime he was provided with people as company from other cell mates and managed to survive. Hirani was once called into jail to monitor this play Sanju and his friends have prepared. On his way back Hirani stuck with the jailer to talk for a few and Sanju was waiting for an hour to just have a look at him and bid bye but Hirani did not know that and walked out of prison without looking at Sanjay.

Sanjay has had an incredibly privileged life where he was rich and famous but also downs like nobody has seen. To be luxurious and then in jail is contrast so drastic that most people would not have been able to handle it but Sanjay did and emerged victorious. Today he is a working actor with back to back films in his calendar and has basically turned his life around. He is the first Hindi film actor to have a biopic on and especially when he is working himself. Sanju will hit the cinema screens on 29 June.

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