Rajkumar Rao received Entertainer of the Year award, yet another in the cap

Rajkumar Rao received Entertainer of the Year award, yet another in the cap
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Rajkumar Rao aka Mr. Awards is one a whole different kind of sequence with awards chasing him from every where. Lately he received Entertainer of the year award at the Outlook social media awards 2018. 2017 was his year in cinema as he broke walls of talent and emerged like a true prodigy with variety of roles ranging from drama to comedy. Rao has done more genres in one year than Shahrukh Khan in his entire life and he gets to be the biggest star. Rao must be working twice as hard but the fruits of his labor are here and they are really sweet.

India does not really value the awards which is why no producer really backs on an indie director even if he/she has won many awards. Money will chase money in this industry like maximum other industries except it is suppose to be a good blend of commerce and ART. Raj is certainly having his foot strong in the film corridor and has emerged as one of the most dependable actors if not a star. He may not open the bank on box office but he sure can crack open a heart with his gut wrenching acting skills.

One of the great things about Raj which would help him have an elongated career is that he is a different person in every film hence people won’t get bored of him. It’s always either the charisma which would make the audience go to watch their favorite stars again and again as they are in every film. Another thing is ability to disguise yourself in the role and give audience a new fascinating human being up on the screen so they go for the love of art. Raj would be come the Aamir Khan sort of star where people love him but his stories more.

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