Rajinikanth’s 2.0 teaser leaked, causes excitement on social media

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 teaser leaked, causes excitement on social media

The teaser for Rajinikanth’s 2.0 has been leaked online, and has sent the social media in a collective flurry of excitement. The one minute video is incomplete, as the green scenes can be spotted in some shots, so its possible that the VFX is still in progress. But, some of the imagery is truly breathtaking and the stunts look very energetic and innovative. 2.0 which also stars Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar in a villainous role. His first look in the video is very shocking, and looks like the actor has completely transformed himself into the character.

2.0 is the biggest Indian movie ever, with a budget that has been reported at Rs 400 crores. However, the leak has been condemned by many people, as it is against the laws and ruins the surprise element that the makers were hoping for. Even though the quality is bad, people have now seen the footage. This is the second time in the week when the footage relating to a Rajinikanth starrer has been leaked, as the Kaala teaser had also been uploaded on the social media hours before it had released.

This won’t really harm the movie in anyway, and could also instill more excitement in the people, but it is also wrong to leak footage from a movie that is still under production. It is not only mean spirited but also criminal. There has been no reports if the culprits have been caught but the team is going to be more strict about the material of the movie from now on, as so much money is dependent on it.

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