Raj Tarun starrer ‘Rajugadu’ teaser out and it means absolutely nothing in the universe

Raj Tarun starrer ‘Rajugadu’ teaser out and it means absolutely nothing in the universe

Makers had to bear the soul shattering burdern of releasing the teaser of  ‘Rajugadu’ on YouTube because let’s admit it can’t be easy to do all this work. Makers knew that one day this whole teaser releasing hard work is going to come down heavy and they would have to conserve their energy to accomplish the task hence they saved a few calories which they had to burn while actually making the movie. There is only so much a man can do in this world and releasing the teaser while also making it is too unrealistic in the utopia of the makers.

Raj Tarun had to bug the heart swallowing humiliation of being the face whatever this is in the name of the film. These teasers are no better than wedding invitations which does not have to be creative rather informative about whose marriage is it similarly they just keep the shots of whoever has a face in the film and could not care less if it makes sense or not. Absolutely no plot line or arc has been established through this footage and perhaps the film will be nothing different from it.

Amyra Dastur is also in this alleged family entertainer but all one can see is a family and no entertainment exactly like a wedding. On absolutely no level this teaser makes sense but rather accounts on the memory of audience who are suppose to remember the kind of films Raj does and make their assumption of what this might turn out to be accordingly. The kind of wavelength makers of this film ant to match between the audience and fans is not the only unrealistic thing about this film unfortunately. Music of the film will be out in a couple of weeks as the release date to hit the cinema halls is 11 May.

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