Navratri, the nine days of Goddess Durga and Ram Navami

Navratri, the nine days of Goddess Durga and Ram Navami

Navratri, or Ram Navami, is a Hindu festival that is celebrated for the birthday of Lord Rama. It is celebrated alongside spring Navratri, during the Nine days in which people hold prayers for Godess Durga and her different avatars. Ram Navami is usually celebrated on the ninth day of the bright half in the Hindu calendar month of Shukla Paksha. People usually fast during Navratri, and on the ninth day, they hold feast for nine girls whom they give food and money. This is done to celebrate Goddess Durga, as girls are thought to be pure like the deity herself.

Ram Navami isn’t considered a holiday, although it is celebrated with same enthusiasm, as people bathe early in the morning and then perform sacred rituals, like puja and going to temple for the blessings of the goddess and Lord Ram.

Many people also hold Ram Kathas in their homes, and recite hymns from the Ramayana too, it is considered a Holy action to pray to Lord Rama during these days. Garlic and Onions are not recommended for the days during which Naratri is celebrated, and people try to avoid anything that includes these ingredients. Bhajan and Kirtan are organized in many places across the nation to celebrate the festival, while others hold Jagrans too, in which they sing songs about the Gods for a whole one night.

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