Raazi box office collection: Alia Bhatt starrer has opened well and looking like a winner

Raazi box office collection: Alia Bhatt starrer has opened well and looking like a winner

Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Raazi’ has opened to expected 20-30% occupancy but word of mouth is extraordinary around the film, which will eventually increase the collections. Karan Johar and Meghna Gulzar have made a rather subtle and nuanced spy thriller which also deals with the complex relationship hence it was never intended as a big money spinner which it might not even turn out to be but perhaps it may prove to be a hit on the box office considering it does not have much of a competition with any other important release this week or the next.

Raazi was marginally anticipated by the content cinema watchers and those are the ones who have showed up for the morning shows not only in big cities but towns as well. Raazi has got decent theaters around the country which should be enough to recover the budget and make some profit without having to see empty theaters. Karan is one of the smartest producer in the business who does not really deliver flops especially when the film is good. Raazi is the modern cult already and Dharma is going strong with each film.

Dharma is making one classic a year and also box office which is remarkable. During the weekend, Raazi’s collection are expected to rise by 50% or so considering the word of mouth travels good through social media so st least metropolitan people would take more interest. Alia Bhatt has been hailed as the best actress of this generation in Hindi cinema with slight competition from Deepika Padukone. Both of them are doing exceptional work around the year though Alia is making many more films therefore more classics. Alia Bhatt has fan base enough now to hold a big film on her shoulders as a star and this will certainly happen in future.

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