Priyanka Chopra terminates her contract with Nirav Modi jewelry brand

Priyanka Chopra terminates her contract with Nirav Modi jewelry brand

Priyanka Chopra has terminated her contract with Nirav Modi jewelry brand. She had previously sued the company for not paying her enough for the advertisement campaign after the news about the Punjab National bank broke out. Nirav has been embroiled in one of the biggest scams on the decade, as he has been accused of cheating over 1 billion rupees from the Punjab National Bank, by not fulfilling his dues. He fled from the country in early January, as the CBI began its investigation, after being tipped off by the Punjab National bank, which had had some worries about Nirav’s company and wondered if officials from inside the company were helping him in cheating money.

Priyanka isn’t the only famous personality that he has attired, as even Hollywood actress’ like Kate Winslet, have also worn his jewelry. Priyankas’ decision is obviously going to hurt the company, and there isn’t any report as to if Nirav can take any action against her for suspending her contract.

Nirav, who has yet to return to India, wrote a letter few days ago, and accused the Bank for not providing him enough time to pay the dues and that they’d also dramatically heightened the cost. He also said that he hasn’t run away from the country, but has to take some business decisions about the company. His passport has been suspended, so he can’t travel to anywhere via fair means unless he wants to come back to India and surrenders.

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