Pawan Kalyan announces his apparent new Television show

Pawan Kalyan announces his apparent new Television show

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan took to micro blogging website with a rather provocative message as he wants people to know that he will be coming with a television show which will be the “mother” of all shows. With a pinch of ranting, Kalyan directed his message towards people who might be living and dying by the TRP on television but in a negative way. Kalyan’s intentions were not as respectful towards television hence his upcoming show sounded more like a warning coming from a major movie star who would be using his star power to grab the eyeballs.

Oddly enough, Kalyan can actually cause quite a stir with a television show in Telugu speaking market because he has that kind of fan following. He is known for underplaying his stardom instead of exploiting it with his fans but this time he might be going all out to make use of his fan potential on television. Kalyan is primarily a movie star and has started his career there as he has continued to be but he has not exactly worked big time on television though he might be directly related to the show himself.

Kalyan was rather angry on the media seemingly because of the episode that happened with Ram Gopal Varma in the media. Ram happened to instigate Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan and he admitted that in the media which must have upset-ed him. Producer Allu Aravind stormed against Ram in the press conference for trying to break up the film industry of which he is a part of but has done wrong deeds against Kalyan for no reason. Ram somehow always had an ax to grind with Pawan though Pawan had never said anything against Ram in the media at least. Pawan has not given any details about the show but perhaps soon.

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