Pari teaser: Anushka Sharma terrifies in this snippet from the horror movie

Pari teaser: Anushka Sharma terrifies in this snippet from the horror movie

Anushka Sharma’s Pari is perhaps the most anticipated horror movie of the year, as it will be the first time in many years that a lauded, A list actress is going to venture into a genre that has not been successfully adapted on the Hindi cinema for quite some time. And as the teaser released now shows, Anushka seems to be proceeding toward a path breaking role that could become iconic for the Indian audiences. The short snippet doesn’t tell the specific story, but it is the creepy atmosphere that is more arresting than any plot line. But it does look like the movie is going to deal with possession and bondage, roots of evil and a heroine that is unlike any other.

The hype for the movie is unprecedented for any horror film in India, because it will be such a departure for the leading lady who is often associated with playing bubbly punjabi girls. However, Anushka has always challenged the roles of women in Indian movies, specifically with her badass and ruthless portrayal in NH-10.

Along with her fans, even the general audience is looking forward for the movie, and hopefully, Anushka is going to deliver an unforgettable fright fest with Pari. The movie is directed by Prosit Roy and also stars Parambrata Chatterjee. Pari is going to be released on Holi, which means this time, your celebrations will be drenched in screams and blood that marks Anushka’s face at the end of this horrifying teaser.


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